What is Love Lab?

Love Lab is the only anonymous, peer to peer verification service for the Dating industry. Users complete multiple verifications to increase their level of trust which they can show to anyone, anywhere they date. Each proof is meant to validate information that is normally displayed on dating profiles such as your first name, age, photos, etc. Criminal background checks are optional as well. The platform can also be used to communicate texts as well as disappearing photo and video messages with your matches to be ultimately sure that what you see is what you'll get in person.

What is Social Proof?

By authenticating an account with a social network we can detect a digital footprint. With your authorization we'll be able to import your contacts, photos and other information to streamline and improve your experience.

What is Photo Proof?

By combining native facial detection with our facial recognition software we can compare an instant selfie with a profile picture for likeness.

What is Contact Proof?

Once you have confirmed your phone number and validated the email address that was used to register, you will unlock this Proof.

What is Identity Proof?

With just your legal name, registered address and date of birth we can trigger a multiple choice personal knowledge quiz based on information in public records. By completing this Proof you will be claiming your identity anonymously on our platform. Only your verified first name and age will be displayed on your profile.

What is Background Proof?

We will do our best to discover potentially derogatory criminal history available in public records and commercially available databases. The results of this search may not be current, complete or accurate. With limitations in certain states, Love Lab can only return the results we find. It does not necessarily mean that those who have successfully completed this Proof have no derogatory criminal history. It only means that we did not discover criminal history in the background of the authenticated identity based on the data available to us.

How do I verify someone?

Simply search for them by their email or phone number and Love Lab will anonymously message them to let them know that someone would like to know if they have been verified by Love Lab. If this person registered that information you will be notified. You can also send them a link to your profile or otherwise give them your Love Lab ID, phone number or email to find you on Love Lab.

What is displayed to others?

You are in complete control of the information you display to others. A fully verified individual can have only one picture, their first name, age and trust level displayed in their profile and they may also choose not to be searchable.

Am I eligible for Love Lab even if I can't verify?

Love Lab is available to all legal residents in the US over the age of 18. It is not necessary to be a registered user of Love Lab to check if someone is verified or not. However, to see what they have verified and to communicate with them through Love Lab you must at least register.